Chapter 1.07 Lab Study

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1. What was the experiment that Solomon and Greenberg did and what was the evidence that they discovered about “death”? The purpose of Solomon and Greenberg’s experiment was to see what’s happening in our mind when we see photos of death. They had two groups of American students to test out the experiment. One group were thinking about death without knowing it and they did it by seeing the word death in between words. Each word had lasted less then a second but long enough to put the idea of death into the minds of the unconscious people. Then, the psychologist showed both groups pictures of famous dead American icons. They knew that looking at the famous individuals would lead to having emotional value for the subjects. Some of the American icons included past presidents and screen stars. The subjects had the opportunity to choose how long they wanted to look at the pictures. Psychologists found out that the group that was made to think about death wanted to look at the pictures longer then the group that hadn’t. The experiment concluded that if we think about our own death we gain reassurance by looking at photos of those who already passed away.
2. Who were the Etruscans and what were they noted for? The Etruscans, were from Italy about two and a half thousand years ago. There civilization had cities, wealth and a lot
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The cross itself as an image is a figure of a man loosing blood, dying, and agonizing death. It should only terrify us but it also reassures us. It’s a unique image working on the human mind in 2 influential ways. We can see it as a terrifying image by the pain, loss and suffering. But it does reassures one that holds out on hope. It’s the combination of terrifying and reassuring that makes the cross one of the most powerful symbols ever. It explains why it’s used to give meaning in the face of the incomprehensible loss of