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Chapter 1
#4 (a) Review & membership
PMI is the world's leading not-for -profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. PMI involves in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research. PMI is founded in 1969 and currently deliver more than 2.9 million professionals. HIS (Human Systems Internationals) provides benchmarking services to leading business and government as part of PMI family. As another part of PMI family and innovate online global communities that deliver many resources, networks and perspective. PMI offers a comprehensive certification program for all education and skill levels. PMI certification will help you and your project to succeed and do well than others. It has become one of the top most demand skillsets around the world, mostly by organization. It has become more and more important to fill the vacancies left by retired workforce.
Becoming a member of PMI, one will be provided with accessibilities such as valuable knowledge, networks and resources. By having those privileges he or she will have a chance to improve and advance to next step and contribute their communities.
And also being a member of PMI, he/she will be recognized as serious, enthusiastic about good practice in project management

#4 (b) Yes, we have 11 PMI Chapters in California and those are as follows:
1. California Inland Empire Chapter
2. Los Angeles Chapter (Nearest one where I live)
3. California Central Coast Chapter
4. Monterey Bay Chapter
5. Orange County Chapter
6. Sacramento Valley Chapter
7. San Diego Chapter
8. San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
9. Silicon Valley, CA Chapter
10. Wine Country Chapter
11. California Central Valley Chapter

#4 (c) Major knowledge areas of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
There are several areas of PMBOK, I would like to mention some as follows:
Communication Management
Cost Management
General Business & Management
Integration Management
Organizational Project Management
Portfolio Management
Procurement Management
Program Management
Quality Management
Resource Management
Risk Management
Scope Management
Time Management
PMI also provide global standards. Those standards give people guidelines, rules and characteristics for project, program and portfolio management. Once global standards are implemented, accepted, continuously applied, these standards help you and your global partners by achieving professional excellence.
#4 (d) Nature and future of Project Management
There are several links that PMI provided for all volunteers around the world to get involved in volunteer works, project management skill-sets.
These links provide tens of information about benefit of becoming a member of PMI, PMI certifications, professional development for career by using PMI career headquarters, and so on.
It also gives me about opportunities to get involved in volunteer works. The video clip provide me to understand that how people would recognize and appreciate you being part of volunteered project for one community.
Business solutions explain about project management could help one organization to get most out of its performance. It also states that maintaining your talent personnel of your business or organization is important and giving them defined career paths and options.
Strong ethics in project management is essential for all project managers and professionals. Ethics of project managers need to be strong. Strong ethics guidance will lead good project managers not to cut the corners