chapter 1 Essay

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After Reading the chapter-- Focus on the opening story Titled" Apple and Steve Jobs: Business Leadership as Art.
Written Assignment Questions:
1. How true are the statements in the story? Give one example to support your response.
The statements in this story are very true. For example “Jobs was passionately committed to innovation.” He didn’t stop at making one generation of productions, he succeeded to making many. He made his technology very simple to ensure consumers would buy it. He made different generations of Mac, IPOD, and now iphones. By making different generations he was improving his products so more people would buy it. This was his strategy in becoming a successful man.
2. Has technology really changed our lives and business operating process? Explain.
Technology has changed our lives and business operating process. We are surviving off of technology in my opinion. Businesses are promoting and producing more technology. In today’s society you will not see a person 13 an older without a phone; this is businesses successfully promoting their products to get consumers to buy.
3. Give 4 examples of how technology changed your personal lifestyle and suggest 2 ways it might change the future.
Computer/Internet Technology have improved. I use my computer to do my homework, check emails, surf the web, etc. The invention of the internet has changed my life because there is nothing you can’t’ find on Google. The invention of social networks tainted my personal life. I communicate through social networks with some of my old classmates and friends. I also can find someone who I haven’t spoken to in years through social networks such as Facebook. Cell phones are another invention I can’t live without. My