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Chapter 1 and 2 comm notes
Presentational Speaking – More inclusive, less formal, more interactive, reaches smaller #.
Good Presentational Speaking – Goal directed, audience centered, ethical.
Plagiarism Types: Misrepresentation – take something someone else has and claim it as your own.
Cut-and-Paste – taking info from several sources and patching it together.
Incremental – Failing to give proper credit for small parts of info
Excessive Collaboration—when you work together but recognize it as your own.
Self-Plagiarism- when an author reuses previously published material without revealing that it’s not new.
Presentation Process: 1. Select the Topic. 2. Determine the Purpose. 3. Research the Presentation. 4. Organize Presentation. 5. Practice the Presentation.
Communication Apprehension: The fear of anxiety associated with real or anticipated communication with others.
Possible Therapies: Systematic Desensitization – muscular relaxation techniques followed by presentation of the stimuli slowly to become more sensitized and familiar with it.
Cognitive Restructuring – Altering illogical thoughts that the person scared of public speaking may have.
Virtual Visualization – Speaking in front of simulated experiences to boost up confidence and remove anxiety.
Audience Analysis: What’s the position, interests, knowledge level, purpose of stay, and demographic of my audience?  Identification: Process of identifying beliefs and expressing them that you and…