Chapter 1 Assignment Linux Essay

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1. Free software is code that is available for free to everyone, but it is also free in the sense that it can be used and altered freely to the user's desires. It is free to be studied, redistributed, and modified.
2. Linux is portable, is based on standards, is written in C, has a kernel programming interface, can support many users, and can run multiple tasks simultaneously. The source code for the operating system is readily available so students can understand more easily how Linux works and can modify the code further to understand its operation and change the way it works.
3. A computer system that can be used by more than one person at a time. On a small, multiuser system, you or another user act as the system administrator, or this job may be shared. On a large, multiuser system or network of systems, there is frequently a full-time system administrator.
4. The Free Software Foundation ( is the principal organizational sponsor of the GNU Project. GNU developed many of the tools including the C compiler, which are part of the Linux operating system. Linux is the name of the operating system kernel developed by Linus Torvalds, which has since been expanded and improved by thousands of people on the Internet. Torvalds’s kernel and GNU’s tools work together as the Linux operating system.
5. More than 95 percent of the Linux operating system is written in the C programming language.
6. A utility (program), sometimes referred to as a command, performs a task that is frequently related to the operating system.
7. Shell is a piece of software that provides an interface for users of an operating system. Shell provides access to the services of a kernel. Shell makes the user’s job faster and easier in many ways.
8. You can write a shell script, also called a shell program, or a batch file