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Darius Givens
Ms. Pekatos
Hon 1st period
2 – 19 - 14
Legalizing Marijuana
Everyone knows how harmful drugs and alcohol can be, like any other drug
Marijuana is an addictive substance. Marijuana is made from the stems, flowers,
Leaves, and seeds from a plant called Cannabis sativa. Given the effects of marijuana, people
Have conflicted opinions on whether or not the drug should be legalized

Growing up, your whole family always told you, “Drugs are bad for you and
You should never do them,” over and over again. Nowadays young people
Wouldn’t care about what they were told. They just use marijuana for it’s after
affects. Marijuana isn’t as bad as it seems but, the way that the government and
authority has “put its name out their” they began to persuade people into thinking
that it shouldn’t be legalized. Marijuana isn’t just a drug that can be abused, it
serves its purpose as a medicine as well. This medicine is referred to as simply,
Medical Marijuana. It’s the same as regular marijuana, it’s used to relieve pain or
better the lives of its users. Most marijuana users never use any other illegal drug.
Marijuana can also be used to lessen your chance of getting cancer.

Marijuana is also proven to protect its users from accidents or death. For
instance, there is no evidence of marijuana ever making its users commit traffic
accidents or execute fatalities. As marijuana enters the brain it causes the user to
feel high, by acting on the brain’s reward system, or the part of the brain that
controls the response to pleasurable things like sex. When this happens the user is

in a stage called’ euphoria, which causes the user to become relaxed which is why
marijuana users aren’t as dangerous as sober people, or users of other drugs.
Basically marijuana is a plant rolled up and inhaled, nothing to serious, these are
the reasons why I think marijuana should be legalized.

Now on the other hand there are people who don’t agree with the
legalization of marijuana. People believe that marijuana users can become highly
addicted to this drug, well in some way that is true. Marijuana is a highly addictive
drug and it messes with normal bodily functions, its use has also been proven to
increase violence. The law and government doesn’t want the drug to be legalized
because then the war on drug trafficking would come to a halt, and the
accomplices wouldn’t get any punishments. Moreover, in a normal adult’s life one
would have a glass of wine at a dinner which doesn’t cause them to cause harm to
no one, but people believe that marijuana would cause a person to kill somebody
or themselves. Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the U.S and
around the world. Those who support its legalization, for medical or general use,
fail to recognize that the greatest cost of marijuana isn’t related to its prohibition;
they are the cost resulting from the marijuana itself.

Marijuana is just simply a feel good drug. It allows its users to escape real
life, calm down, and relax. It allows one to relieve stress. Stress can kill people if
too much of it gets taken in. So technically marijuana is a life saver because it
relieves stress. It affects everyone differently. When you smoke marijuana it sort of
“enhances” your senses and changes your perception. The first time that you get
high you will probably have a harsh cough. It usually doesn’t hit you immediately
after you smoke it, and it might take you some time to get used to it. As time
passes and you smoke more and get high. Things will seem…different. Things such

as the trees outside, ground, etc. It’ll almost seem like you are viewing another half
of the world. You will began hallucinate and imagine, or see things that weren’t
their originally. For instance,…