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Dilyn Robertson

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ENGT Technology Concepts

Chapter 1 Homework Questions

#4 For this question I chose to interview my Grandfather. He said that in his own personal opinion he feels like the microchip was the most impacting development in technology in his lifetime. His reasoning behind this opinion stems from how much microchips have influenced industry. Microchips have made it possible to program machines so that they can run automatically. Not to mention the almost limitless uses for microchips in almost every electronic device created today. Microchips made satellites possible.

#6 I would list my strongest group-working skills by describing my personal strengths. I can make the most impact in a group by either being in a leadership role or by being a good listener. I pride myself in being good at both positions. Leaders must also be good listeners as well. I have strong problem solving skills and mathematical skills. I am very good at narrowing down the cause to an “effect” for most problems though I do feel that most problems are easier to handle in a group.

#7 Technologists need to be flexible enough to be able to deal with any customer questions or issues. Technicians and technologists both are expected to be able to work well in groups. Technicians and technologists also need to have good communication and problem solving skills.

#8 The role of the technician could be described as “hands on” or the “producer” of a good or product.