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What is meant by the term “architecture” when referring to computer hardware?
Describe the high-level hardware architecture of a typical computer.
“architecture” is the arrangements of hardware and software in a computer.

In a typical computer, you will find various input devices such as a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Output devices such as a printer, an external drive or camera will also be found. The will all connect to the central processing unit (CPU) which is the brain that ties the hardware together. This CPU will contain various memory to hold the data and contains a set of registers, an arithmetic logic unit and a control unit. This system will contain software such device drivers, operating systems and editors and applications that perform specific functions for the user.

2. Name the typical components of a CPU and state the purpose of each.
CPU--The brain of the computer. The CPU holds data, executes instructions, and performs arithmetic operations.
Memory— ROM which is fixed, nonvolatile memory that contains information necessary to load, and initialize the operating system. RAM which is volatile memory used for programs to carry out program instructions
Input/Output Devices—Such as a printer, mouse, keyboard, monitor, scanner, camera, etc. These devices allow the user to carry out specialized functions

3. Give examples of at least three input devices and three output devices.
Input—Keyboard, Mouse, Disk Drive
Output—Monitor, Printer, external hard drive,

4. Compare and contrast the following terms:
a. Hardware—The physical, touchable