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Chapter one summary
The establishment of inclusive high schools didn’t begin until around the 1850s and after a number of significant events in the 20th century, the contemporary high school was defined. One of these significant events was the Committee of Ten on Secondary School Studies. They made the recommendations that sturdily reinforced commitment to the goal of social mobility. Another was the Committee on Economy of Time in Education. They issued several reports that supported the tracking of the students while providing the great majority of them with a practical, vocational education.
Many of the programs and practices found in today’s high schools were begun in the early 21st century. For example, inclusion of grades 9-12, comprehensive range of curricular offerings, tracking plans for students, etc. One event that helped influence the nature of high schools today was USSR’s launch of Sputnik. This event renewed emphasis on the importance of science, mathematics, technology, and foreign languages. Another event that helped mold today’s high school was The American High School Today report. This report supported the concept of comprehensive high schools and listed the desirable attributes of such a school. Civil rights militancy, teacher union activity, and enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also impacted the school structure. Liberal criticism of schools also affected the nature of high schools. John Holt encouraged alternative schools, home-schooling, and deschooling. Ivan Illich thought American schools should be replaced with