Ways That Prove North American Indians An Advantage To The Mesoamerican Indians

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1. The ways that prove North American Indians an advantage to the Mesoamerican Indians are: that because of smaller and dispersed settlements of the N.A. Indians, it gave females of each society more economic power compared to the Mesoamerican Indian woman; with the later development of using its farming technology, mixed hunting became of great use due to the smaller scaled, self-governing societies of North American Indians.
Mesoamerican Indians resourceful in its ways are: their agricultural resources grew much more because of the larger populations within larger cities as compared to North America; because of larger populations in Mesoamerica, there is much more diversity of the social classes within the communities. With more communities of the larger population, it would mean greater state control to regulating its society. 2. The Native Americans were susceptible to their fall by the European’s conquest due to: the lack of resources being on-par or greater than the European’s tools; with the lack thereof resources, that would also mean the lack of weapons to match the Europeans; lacking the use of animals as transportation as they mostly fought on foot; lacking the unity of teamwork between tribes of the Native Americans, and the lacking of immunity against the diseases brought by the Europeans that are unknown to them. 3. Economic expansion, slave trade agreements with the West African societies whilst trading for European resources, with the high degree of population of Africans, it made a great number available up for trade, and due to the lack of unity concerning the politics between the African societies, slave trade was made to be as is by whoever is the leader. 4. Mercantilism was a system of capitalism in old Europe that promoted to increase the nation’s wealth by government regulation of importing and exporting a nation’s product in the best of the nation’s commercial interest.
Due to the effects of mercantilism, the monarchies began to create bureaucracies along with royal law courts that would reduce the powers of its child class in the North America. With the expansion of this system, this increases the revenue and boosts the power of the English national government and royal treasury. 5. They had advanced technology compared to other factions during its time along with military supremacy; with Christian merchants and monarchs, they promoted mercantilist