Chapter 1 The Language of Political Sc Essay

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Tamara Stanford-Sommers
Rose Losoya
Government 2305
August 5, 2014
Chapter 1, The Language of Political Science
As I’ve researched and learned about every political party. I’ve come to believe that where I stand in a politician’s world is consider a moderate. I researched a few of the current top issue from same sex marriage, extending unemployment benefits, the death penalty to minimum wage. I found that my views were kept within reasonable limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense (Harper, 2010), in the same view as of a moderate.
The first issue I researched was same sex marriage; I believe people should have their own choice and freedom to live the lifestyle of their choosing. It shouldn’t be any type of law to stand in the way of someone’s love interest, because same sex love is a good as any. It’s a bond that should not be in the hands of the government or anyone else for that matter but in the hand of the two people willing to make the commit together. The second issue I researched was extending unemployment benefits. Right now is one of the most difficult times to receive a job, and I feel as though some of the people need them benefits. I also do know that Texas unemployment has strict rules in receiving unemployment benefits that also make it a good program. A person is required to report 40 hrs a week of job searching receiving signatures from every place of employment office they visit. So people are also working for the benefits and not just laying around receiving them. The third issue I researched was the death penalty. I agree 100% with the death penalty. Some crimes are so horrific