Chapter 1 world civ noted Essay

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Chapter 1 notes

Lithic Times

Lithic = Stone in Greek
Mesolithic: Prehistory

Paleolithic- hunter/gatherers Tools= stones Stones used to shape other stones for tools Crisscross around landscape looking for food-experiment with food. People few in # probably in family groups From 40,000 BC on- Not civilization Evidence: 3 Main (all archaeological) resources: “factories”- where tools/weapons made. Some stones better than others for tools. Hunting camps- where evidence found Shelters- (under ledges and in caves) didn’t build shelters Caves - had to make sure animals like bears didn’t live there. Caves provide satisfaction. Pile dirt over stuff, this allows to find remain
40,000 years ago (Mesozoic) Decorated some caves now deep in caves gradual growth of very early religious beliefs?
Cave paintings + venuses: Need more people Worshiped venuses A very gradual shift towards stability + improved technology- until about 10,000 B.C. people begin to think about stabilizing food supply.
Civilization begins here:
1. (Possible): do we eat all of these animals or do we save some and encourage them to make more? = Pastoralism
Beginnings of more stable
2. next possible step: do we eat all of that plant or do we save some and try to grow it. = Agriculture
Farm steds- made of sticks and mud forces staying home and finding/ building permanent shelters:
1. Farms