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Gaston Garcia Chapter 10 Outline 1. Define Prayer­All Saints­” the living relationship with children to god” SAINTS­St.
John­ the raising of one mind and heart to god”. St. Augustine­prayer is nothing but loving god”. St. Therese­”surge to the heart”. St. Clement”conversation with god”
2. Benefits of prayer­Prayer contributes to our sense of self worth. Leads to happiness helping us discover. changes us by making us more loving. just like water helps us grow prayer helps us too. energizes calms and renews.Prayer heals. Helps us renew anxiety MOST IMPORTANT: Prayer deepens our relationship with the Triune God
3. Padre Pio­Said”Prayer is the best weapon we have. It is key to opening Gods heart.”
4. Meditation­Saint Teresa Examples­great examples of how to use the bible, especially the gospels
5. Lectio Divina­divine reading, this is a prayerful way to read the bible.
6. Mental Prayer­Conversing with one reflecting on god, sometimes leading into contemplation 7. Contemplation
­form of silent wordless prayer
8. Contrition­ is a special type of petition in which we ask god for forgiveness
9. Eucharist­The source and summit of christian life, one of the sacraments of initiation, comes from the greek word “thankful” or to give thanks
10. Prayer Forms­Blessing­ god first blesses us, Adoration­adore god, giving glory,
Petition­asking god to provide what we need, Intercession­special form of petition, ask god on behalf of others,Thanksgiving­ everything we have is a pure gift from god,
Praise­acknowledge god is god
11. Icons­often described as “windows to heaven”. Religious images painted by artists. who seek to be gods channel.Greek Icon means “Image”
12. Blessed Sacrament­ “A name given to the holy eucharist, especially the consecrated elements reserved in the tabernacle”
13. Forty Hours Devotion
A prayer devotion made forty continuous hours which the blessed sacrament is exposed. Begins with the Solemn Mass of Exposition.
14. Litanies­
Latin word”prayer of supplication”, form of prayer used in liturgies. a series of prayers, both invocations and responses, which can be done either communally or privately.
15. Jesus Prayer­a prayer that may have originated with the Desert Fathers in the fifth century, it is a short, formulaic prayer that is said repeatedly.
16. Heaven refers to­God's transcendence, his way of being, and his majesty above all his creatures 17. Hail Mary Full of Grace Quote­”She was, by sheer grace, conceived without sin as most humble of creatures, the most capable of welcoming the inexpensive gift of the almighty. 18. Mary’s Cousin­Elizabeth
19. St. Francis