Chapter 14 Family Abuse

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Chapter 14 Stress, Abuse, and Family Problems
Our book explains that stress is used often in today’s society to refer to that daily pressure we all encounter. It continues to say that there are three levels of stress. First, physiological stress is our body’s harmful reaction to what happens. Next, is the psychological stress. This stress results in an emotional reaction. Last, is the social-cultural stress that is the disturbance of social systems.
Coping with stress and life can be hard, but having something to live for is always helpful. The hope that Jesus gives me is one of the ways that help me cope with stress. I know that he already has it all worked out. Furthermore, stress and health have been proven to go hand in hand.
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This is probably the reason that cohabiting has increased in the recent years. Our book goes on to state that children do not do well in the aftermath of divorce. They are having to go between the parents that are fighting. Understanding divorce is not easy for anyone. Upon reading this chapter it explains that divorce affects child’s temperament and ways of coping have an impact on his or her ability to deal with major family change. I have seen child shut down in school and become depressed about home life.
As a matter of fact, there is 26% of children living in a single parent household. It goes on to state that children have contact with both of their biological parents, but live with their mothers.
Handing out Life is a great tool that can be used along this chapter to help. On page 19 it states that Kyle pointed out that Josh should put as much attention an all the other people in his life as he did on satisfying his own selfishness and that there was a right way to prioritize all of his relationships. This is important for anyone to know and learn from.

Chapter 16 Strengthening Marriages and Families