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OST 289 LN1
Chapter 15

Build Workplace Skills- Research an organization
2. I chose to research Pediatric Therapy Associates and Sports Medicine. This organization has multiple locations in North Carolina, and only in North Carolina. The locations are in Cary, Garner, Raleigh, and Wake Forest, North Carolina. The organizations provides therapy services such as physical, speech-language, occupational, and developmental. They also provide social groups and counseling services. Some additional services that they provide are hippotherapy and AMBUCS amtryke program. As far as I can see the company is financially secure. The company seems to always be expanding. It states on their webpage that are always expanding and the company is fast growing. There are opportunities for growth in the company as far as becoming a manager or becoming part of a different department in administration part of the business. The reputation of the company in the community seems to be positive from what I was able to find in my research. The reviews that I have found about the business are very good, and show that the therapists are amazing and take very good care of the clients. You can fill out an employment inquire form online and submit it there as well. You can also go to any of the locations and get an application and submit your resume.
Communicate Clearly-Interview Questions
The organization is here to offer children with the therapy services needed in many different areas. The organization has many areas of expertise. The organization has a great interest and passion for the therapy that they provide.
I am interested in your organization because I want to help spread my passion my job. I enjoy interacting with children and their families. I also appreciate the job that the therapists do for these children and want to help their families make it as easy as possible by being there to schedule their appointments, help answer questions, and bill their insurances.
I want this position to be able to help the families of the children that are being seen. I want this position to help the company continue to be strong. This company will help me become a better administrative professional as well.
I consider the ideal job for me to be greeting clients and their families, scheduling appointments, billing and coding, and many more daily duties that are needed to be done around the office. I would like to be able to make it as easy as possible for the clients to communicate with us.
I first chose my area of study after my sister began working as an administrative professional and heard how much she loved her job and what her daily duties were. I began doing some research on office administration and found that I enjoy the medical side of office administration. After doing some research I decided to look into the Associate degree for Medical Office Administration. I knew right away that it was what I wanted to pursue.
My academic average in school is a 4.0. During my first degree, which is an Associate of Arts, I had a 2.8 GPA. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at that time and it hurt me in my average because of the classes I took and when I took them.
I did not earn any honors in college. I earned honors in high school with my grades and extra-curricular activities (sports). I was one of the cheerleaders and was involved with many of the fundraisers and other activities for the school.
I was involved in cheerleading during high school. I was not involved in any sports or extra-curricular activities in college.
I enjoyed most of my courses that I took for my Medical Office Administration Degree. I really enjoyed the classes where I learned all the programs I would be using such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. I also like the classes where I learned proper ethics and etiquette in the office administration field. I enjoyed all of my classes, although some of them more than others. Most of my classes were to prepare me for the job.
The classes I