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Chapter 17 – Exercise and Well-being Video Reflection Activity
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1. From an evolutionary perspective, humans are wired to move. How many miles per day did human beings typically walk 10,000 years ago?
2. At current rate, ____ % of men and ____ % of women will become overweight in America.
3. What is the relationship between obesity and IQ?

4. What part of the brain is responsible for creativity/ planning/ and thinking?

5. What school district does John Ratey identify as having the revolutionary physical education program?

6. What % of kids are overweight in this school district?
7. A moving brain is a _________________ brain
8. List two skills / characteristics that exercise improves.

9. A bout of exercise is like taking medicine because it stimulates serotonin, ______________, and
10. In the Duke University cardiology study, which condition resulted in the greatest recovery at 10 months? a) Exercise alone
b) Exercise and medication
c) Medication alone
11. In 1970 study conducted by NASA, giving employees exercise during breaks resulted in an increase in productivity of ____%.
12. List the three different ways that exercise optimizes learning:

13. What chemical is sometimes referred to as ‘brain fertilizer’?

14. It is estimated that with regular exercise an average human can grow ___________ new brain cells per day (neurogenesis).
15. How many scientific papers on the exercise-cognition relationship are now published annually?

16. What is…