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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 18 Response
If She Comes Up, its Baptism scenes do not have to involve water and a priest and all the physical aspects people assume of a baptism. Baptism occurs whenever somebody goes through a great change in return to something that happens to them. This can be starting a family, being sent to jail, or experiencing a tragedy. All these things could change a person’s life very significantly.
In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Winston Smith, (the protagonist) has been thrown in an interrogation room, Room 101. Winston Smith has been doing several illegal activities which went against his society’s belief system, and trying to join a “Brotherhood” against his government. As a result, he had been ordered to the torture room. The government in this book referred to as Big Brother & the Party, has a way of reading its victim’s thoughts. The way the government control everything in the book is absolutely insane. These people who specialize in such work are known as the “Thought Police”. The Thought Police have discovered that Winston’s worst nightmare was being eaten by rats, so in this torture room, they make his fear a reality. Winston’s face is trapped, and starving rats are put in this cage so that their only source of food or escape is by eating Winston’s face.
Winston was a rebel against Big Brother. He wanted to be able to end its horrendous rule over Oceania. Winston was invited to “The Brotherhood”, a secret organization, by a party member that he is quite intrigued by, O’ Brian. After reading a book with a code of conduct for the Brotherhood, Winston is ecstatic about the fact that he is doing something against this tyrannical government and taking a major stand. However, this all goes spiraling downhill for Winston as O’ Brian actually is not part of a secret organization, and actually double-crossed him to