Chapter 2 Enterpreneur as Hero Essay

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Erica Davis
Reading Focus Paper Part 1/Chapter 2 : The Entrepreneur as Hero

Heroism in entrepreneurship is parallel to that or Superman or Batman. Not in a sense of alter egoism, but the passion for bettering their community and self-sacrificial acts. They see a problem and immediately look for a solution; Rebels with a cause. The stages of heroism is a long and bittersweet journey. And much like those comic book heroes, find themselves being reviled by the very community they are trying to serve, especially in times of hardship or political divide. There are various reasons as to why the entrepreneur is more loathed than renowned.
One issue that gets in the way of entrepreneurs efforts is politics. The small business owner is essential to our economy and employs a mass number of workers. However, politics trickle into business and cause discord for the capitalist’s coups. Some business owners wave their parties flag with honor, while others try to discreetly mask their beliefs. Either way, the government’s intervention in business puts a bad taste in the mouths of the public. The suspicion is in the pay offs that most establishments receive for such “traitor” acts. The public may question the ethics of the business owners, “Are entrepreneurs really looking out for the little guys?”
Another hindering in the hero concept for businesspersons is capitalism. It sounds unethical and scrooge-like to those who do not understand the importance of such enterprise. Competition is needed in order to serve the people better. This can seem greedy and monopoly to most, but it essentially creates a healthy competition that benefits business and buyers. The naysayers concerns are more related to charity and fairness. If a company is extremely successful than that wealth should