Chapter 2 Hemispherecity And Handedness Essay

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Our Divided Brain/

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Some neuroscience humor

What did the neuron say to the glial cell?

What did the stimulus do to the neuron after they got married?

Carried it over the threshold

If some of Fred Flintstone's neurotransmitters could talk, what would they say?

“Thanks for the support!”


What did the hippocampus say during its retirement speech?

Thanks for all the memories!

Our Divided Brain

The brain is divided into left and right hemispheres 

Right side of the brain controls motor and sensory function on the left
Left side of the brain controls motor and sensory function of the right
Also play different roles in cognitive processing

Left Hemisphere
 Language (reading, writing)  Speech
 Calculations (math)

Right Hemisphere
 Copying drawings
 Recognizing faces
 Perceiving differences
 Perceiving and expressing emotion

Our Divided Brain

Corpus callosum

Corpus Callosum

largest bundle of neural fibers connects the two brain hemispheres carries messages between the hemispheres Roger Sperry & Michael

Split Brain

a condition in which the two hemispheres of the brain are isolated by cutting the connecting fibers
(mainly those of the corpus callosum) between them

Done to reduce epileptic seizures

Our Divided Brain

The information highway from the eyes to the brain Split Brain
“What word did you see?”


“Look at the dot.”

Two words separated by a dot are momentarily projected.

“Point with your left hand to the