Chapter 2 Reflections Essay

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While reading Chapter 10, Sigmud Freud's theory, the Psychoanalytical

Theory, is one of many topics that I fount interesting. I've always

believed in the idea that most of our own behavior is motivated by our

unconscious minds. It was always questionable to me when people said

thinks like, "I really don't like that" then, quickly try to replace their mean

words with kind ones like, "Oh no! I mean I do like that but…" Growing up

I was quite inquisitive and observant. So hearing things like that arose quite

a bit of curiosity.

I found the 3 stages of personality to be quite impressive as well.

Being that we all have our separate ideas of what we perceive as

pleasurable, I especially favored the ID. I feel that it distinguishes us from

one another the most. When I see the word ID almost instantaneously think

of identity because it coincides with what we like or dislike.

Defense mechanisms was also one of my favorite parts of this

Chapter. I thought a lot about my father's passing last August. I remember

getting the call from his surgeon at 2 AM with the news that my dad was

dying and under an innumerable amount of drugs and life support systems.

I was in complete denial because I refused to believe that I was no longer

going to be able to speak