Chapter 2 Review Questions Essay

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Arielle Leary
Chapter 2 Review Questions.

1. It evaluates the risk factors and the health consequences for the individual and can be instrumental in helping to develop new choices and motivate individuals to alter their behaviors for a healthier life style.
2. Behavior Modification- educational programs and incentive directed at high risk populations to alter behaviors that may contribute to disease, disability or death. Cigarette smoking is an example of a needed behavior modification program where one would need skills to avoid or quit smoking.
a. Therapeutic interventions- 3 areas. 1) primary= activities taken to reduce probability that a disease will develop in the future. 2) secondary= early detection and treatment of disease. 3) tertiary= interventions that could prevent complications from chronic conditions and prevent further illness, injury or disability.
3. Health care- variety of services to improve a person’s health and well being.
a. Holistic health- well being of every aspect of what makes a person whole and complete.
b. Health risk appraisal- risk factors and consequences are known , then interventions can be developed for individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
c. Public health- ensures conditions are optimum for society as a whole.
d. Environmental health- prevents the spreading of disease through water, air and food.
e. Health determinates- factors that over time affect the health and well being of individuals and populations.
4. To ensure conditions that promote optimum health for society and counter act any threats that may jeopardize health and safety of the general population.
5. Its how satisfied a person is with the experiences while receiving health care, such as comfort factors, respect, privacy, security, decision making. It can also refer to a person’s overall satisfaction with life an perception of health esp. after some medical intervention.
6. President Bush signed into law the Public Health Security & Bioterriosm Preparedness Response Act of 2002. Known as the Homeland Security Act of 2002, created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and called for a major reconstructing of the nation’s resources with the primary mission to prevent, protect against and respond to any acts of terriosim in the US. It provided better tools to contain attacks on food and water supplies, protect the nations vital infrastructures and track biological materials anywhere in US.
7. Environment- the greater the economic gap between the rich and the poor the worse the health status of the population is they have greater psychosocial stress and less social cohesion.
a. Lifestyle- an individuals food choices and poor diet choices play a major role in the health problems. 40-60% of all cancers are linked to diet. Individuals could lower blood pressure just by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy foods.
b. Heredity- although you can do little about genetic make up, lifestyles and behaviors can have a significant influence on future progeny.
c. Medical