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Alex Lee
Period 2
Chapter 10 Review Questions
10. Limitations of Wartime Liberties
• Blockade increased federal army size
• only Congress could have the power to do this
• Abe Lincoln did make some tyrannical acts during his term as president, such as:
• illegally proclaiming a blockade
• proclaiming acts without Congressional consent
• and sending in troops to the Border States
• but he justified his actions
• said that such acts weren’t permanent, and that he had to do those things in order to preserve the Union.
• Such actions included:
• the advancement of $2 million to three private citizens for war purposes
• the suspension of habeas corpus so that anti-Unionists could be arrested without a formal charge
• and the intimidation of voters in the Border States.
• The Confederate states’ refusal to sacrifice some states’ rights led to the handicapping of the South, and perhaps to its ultimate downfall.
11. Volunteers and Draftees — North and South
• Northern armies used to consist of volunteers
• Eventually, volunteering was slacking
• Thus, Congress passed a national federal conscription law
• New York was upset —> New York draft riots
• 90% of Union troops were volunteers and those who have deserted their classes.
12. Economic Stresses of War
• The North passed the Morrill Tariff Act, increasing tariff rates by about 5 to 10%, but war soon drove those rates even higher.
• The Washington Treasury also issued greenback paper money totaling nearly $450 million, but this