Essay about Chapter 29 Section 5 Assignments

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Haley Kvarnberg
Period 3
World History
Coach Clark

Chapter 29: Section 5 Assignments Section 5 Assessment

The key terms at the beginning of the section all pertain to the end of World War II. The terms help describe the issues faced by the Allies after World War II, summarize the organization of the United Nations, and analyze how new conflicts developed among the former Allies after
World War II. Some of the terms also are United States documents or treaties. 2. Issues:
● free elections in Eastern Europe
● the status of German territory
● Tensions arose between the Soviet Union and the United States as they were threatened by each other. They slowly developed over time through distrust and conflicting ideologies. 3. Different countries tried harder to make peace after World War II as they didn’t want to start a third world war. After World War I, countries tried to make peace, but they soon realized that
World War II was inevitable. 4. The main purpose of the United Nations (UN) when it was founded is to ensure peace throughout the world. The United Nations wanted to play a greater role in world affairs than its predecessor, the League of Nations, did. 5. The Soviet Union and the United States started the Cold War due to conflicting ideologies.
The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism throughout the entire world. Distrust between the Soviet Union and the United States also started the Cold War. 6.