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Chapter 2
Quality Management
Operations Management - 6th Edition
Roberta Russell & Bernard W. Taylor, III

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Beni Asllani
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Lecture Outline
 What Is Quality?
 Evolution of Quality
 Quality Tools
 TQM and QMS
 Focus of Quality
 Role of Employees in
Quality Improvement
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 Quality in Service
 Six Sigma
 Cost of Quality
 Effect of Quality
Management on
 Quality Awards
 ISO 9000

What Is Quality?
 Oxford American Dictionary
 a degree or level of excellence

 American Society for Quality
 totality of features and characteristics that satisfy needs without deficiencies

 Consumer’s and producer’s perspective Copyright 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


What Is Quality:
Customer’s Perspective
 Fitness for use
 how well product or service does what it is supposed to

 Quality of design
 designing quality characteristics into a product or service
 A Mercedes and a Ford are equally “fit for use,” but with different design dimensions.

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Dimensions of Quality:
Manufactured Products
 Performance
 basic operating characteristics of a product; how well a car handles or its gas mileage

 Features
 “extra” items added to basic features, such as a stereo CD or a leather interior in a car

 Reliability
 probability that a product will operate properly within an expected time frame; that is, a TV will work without repair for about seven years

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Dimensions of Quality:
Manufactured Products (cont.)


degree to which a product meets pre–established standards Durability

how long product lasts before replacement; with care, L.L.Bean boots may last a lifetime


ease of getting repairs, speed of repairs, courtesy and competence of repair person

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Dimensions of Quality:
Manufactured Products (cont.)
 Aesthetics
 how a product looks, feels, sounds, smells, or tastes

 Safety
 assurance that customer will not suffer injury or harm from a product; an especially important consideration for automobiles  Perceptions
 subjective perceptions based on brand name, advertising, and like
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Dimensions of Quality:
 Time and timeliness
 how long must a customer wait for service, and is it completed on time?
 is an overnight package delivered overnight?

 Completeness:
 is everything customer asked for provided?
 is a mail order from a catalogue company complete when delivered?

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Dimensions of Quality:
Service (cont.)
 Courtesy:
 how are customers treated by employees?
 are catalogue phone operators nice and are their voices pleasant?

 Consistency
 is same level of service provided to each customer each time?
 is your newspaper delivered on time every morning? Copyright 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Dimensions of Quality:
Service (cont.)
 Accessibility and convenience
 how easy is it to obtain service?
 does service representative answer you calls quickly?

 Accuracy
 is service performed right every time?
 is your bank or credit card statement correct every month?

 Responsiveness
 how well does company react to unusual situations?
 how well is a telephone operator able to respond to a customer’s questions?

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What Is Quality:
Producer’s Perspective
 Quality of conformance
 making sure product or service is produced according to design
 if new tires do not conform to specifications, they wobble  if a hotel room is not clean when a guest checks in, hotel is not functioning according to specifications of its design
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Meaning of Quality

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