Chapter 3 Bec Case Study Answers Essay

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Assignment #3 – Marked by Quiz 3 Feb. 16, 2005

Reading: Chapter 3

Assigned Questions from Text: BEC Case Study pp 113-117

Answer all of the questions about BEC:

Broadway Entertainment Co., Inc. Case Questions

1. The System Service Request (SSR) submitted by Carrie Douglass (BEC Figure 3-2) has not been reviewed by Professor Tann. If you were Professor Tann, would you ask for any changes to the request as submitted? If so, what changes, and if no changes, why? Remember, an SSR is a call for a preliminary study, not a thorough problem statement.

I would not ask for any changes, because the SSR describes the problem that Carrie would like to solve and describes the system that she envisions that will solve the
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The relevant economic feasibility factors include tangible benefits, but include mostly intangible benefits. These intangible benefits include the availability of more information to the customers and competitive necessity. The tangible costs of hardware, labor, and operational costs are also relevant. The economic analysis would be refined for each review point/milestone on the project as more is known (especially from the analysis phase).

8. If you were assigned to a team of students responsible for this project, what activities would you conduct in order to prepare the details for the Baseline Project Plan? Explain the purpose of each activity and show a time line or schedule for these activities.

The BPP is made up of the information collected and analyzed during the initiation and planning phase. After being assigned to the project team, I would establish a relationship with the customer, Carrie Douglass. I would then establish the management procedures for the project. Then I would start planning the project. The project’s scope, alternatives, and feasibility would need to be described. I would divide the project into manageable tasks and estimate the resources needed. I would then develop a plan on how the team members will communicate with each other about the project, as well as a preliminary schedule. The project standards and procedures would need to be