Chapter 3 Notes Essay

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Chapter 3 Notes:

Internal environment:
Value Chain
Resourced Bases View
Financial Performance

Value Chain

Split into two activities: Primary Activates & Support Activities

Primary Activates:
-Inbound Logistics: associated with receiving storing and distributing
-Operations: associated with transforming inputs into the final product form
-Outbound Logistics: associated with collecting, storing, and distributing products to service or buyers
-Marketing and sales: associated with purchasing the products and services by end users and the inducements used to get them to make purchases -4 P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion -Service: enhance or maintain the value of the product

Support Activates:
-General Admin: general management, planning, accounting, legal and Gov., affairs, quality management, and information systems
-Human Resource Management: recruiting, hiring, training, development, and compensation & benefits, labor relations & collective bargaining
-Technology Development: technology used in transformation process
-Procurement: purchasing inputs used in the firm’s value chain

Resourced Based View
assets (i.e. Machinery& equipment, property) human resources reputation technology/innovation/creativity, patens, trade marks organizational routines

-a way for seeing your managers to discern the extent in which their organization might sustain(constancy) completive advantage(out performing competitors)

V - Valuable
R - Rare
I - Inimitable
N -