Chapter 30 Essay

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Chapter 30: Law and the American Family

The law affects the children from their births to deaths.
When a child is born it is issued a birth certificate and a unique federal identification number, social security number . All children are required by law to receive immunizations to protect them from certain diseases. In addition children from a certain age have to attend school or show proof of schooling.

A different set of laws affect teens and adults. Drivers
License and drinking age limit is also regulated by law.
Males are required to register for Selective Service when they turn 18. State Laws have requirements for everyone before they can be married

Some law outlines that basic rights and responsiblity include providing food shelter clothing and medical car for their children. If the father leaves he must support that child up until 18.

There are even laws that apply after death. A will is a document that explains how a person wants his or her property distributed after their death. Everyone who has any money of property should consider making a will.
State determines the age of when you can have a will but exceptions are made for special circumstances.

Family is used to describe many relationships: by blood, marriage, or adoption. Changes in families have changed.
The roles that women play have changed, 73% of women have outside house jobs. Meanwhile the average number of children shrank from 5.7 children­ 2.6 children. The rate of marriage has decreased while divorces have increased.Also blended families (step­parents and children). Laws that pertain to old ways of families have changed as well to adapt and fit the models of today’s families. Problem 30.1 A. Jacob, of age 60 and married with 2 children, will have his property inherited by his wife. Sabrina’s property will be inherited by her parents. B. The stage where someone would have to create a will is when the person starts working or gets a job. Reason so is because at that time the person earns the money by the work they put in and the items bought by their hard