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Chapter 30: The West at the Dawn of the 21st Century~.
The 20th century movement of people:
The Soviet communists’ forced removal of the Russian peasants and the Nazi’s deportations and execution of European Jews were only the most dramatic examples of this development.
Many moved from the countryside to the cities.
Other vast forced movements due to the government caused millions of Germans Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Finns, Chechens, Armenians, Greeks, Turks, Balts, and Bosnian Muslims to be displaced.
This forced displacement transformed parts of Europe.
Displacement through War:
WWII created a huge refugee problem.
An estimated 46 million people were displaced
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Governments began to spend more on social welfare than they did on the military.
The relocation of funds was possible because of the NATO defense umbrella, which the U.S primary handle and funded. -----------
The 2 basic models for social legislation were the German and the British.
In both the German and British systems, workers were insured only against the risks from disease, injury on the job, and old age. ------------------
After WWII, the concept emerged that social insurance against predictable risks was a social right and should be available to all citizens.
In Britain, William B. Beveridge set forth this concept in 1942.
The 1st major European nation to begin to create a welfare state was Britain under the labor ministry of Clement Attlee.
The most important element of this early legislation was the creation of the National Health Service.
France and Germany did not adopt similar health legislation until the 1970s.
The spread of welfare legislation within Western Europe was related to both the Cold War and domestic political and economic policy. -----------------------------
The communist states of Eastern Europe were promising their people social security as well as full employment. [Fake]
The capitalist states came to believe they had to provide similar security for