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For this assignment I selected Home Depot. Home Depot is one of my favorite stores to go to. Even just to walk through. But it can be overwhelming with products I have no idea what they are or do!
I found that with having a website, the can actually offer a wider range of products due to space. And surely that appeals to not only the everyday home improver but the professionals as well.
Along with web only products , for example, I was looking for outside entertainment for kids and came across a complete swing set on-line..
Their pricing on-line are similar to that of the in-store site. Home Depot Website does however offer over-stock items where prices can be considerably less.
When it came to promotions, they have colorful local ads that I’m able to go through and price shop! They advertise specials and offers. They promote their on-line do it yourself classes , projects and ideas.
In regards to customer service/satisfaction relationships, I find it difficult sometimes to locate an associate in-store. On the website I can get my question answered right away. By shopping on-line with them one can save time and money. That makes for a satisfied customer. When I wanted to learn about doing my own flooring, the free workshop they offered was detrimental. The website made it easy to get registered. When it came to customer service, I felt the website worked well in informing issues, like last years data breach. They