The Importance Of Being An Adult

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Many people have different views on what makes you an adult, wether it be age,experiences, or responsibilities. I personally believe that all of these need to take a part in becoming an adult. Not everyone becomes an adult, some people just chose to stay children there entire life and it is quite sad and pathetic in my opinion. To be an adult you need to be able to function properly on your own with no help what so ever. Age takes a big part in becoming an adult, you have to be a certain age in order to even experience some things it take to even take the steps to becoming an adult. You need to hit the fifteen milestone in order to start working, and then the sixteen milestone in order to start driving. After that come the “Big one” which is eighteen which some people consider themselves adults at this age. That would be incorrect, at the age of eighteen the best you can be is a young adult. In my opinion, until you reach the twenty-five milestone and there are no restrictions as to what you can and cannot do, only then can you attempt to be a complete and full adult. Sometimes people get thrown into the world of adulthood through experiences. wether it be traumatic or not this can cause you to start thinking and acting more mature than intended. This can be seen through, say a person losing a parent, this could cause that person to try and take over the role that was just lost. Now this doesn’t technically make you an adult but it is on the right road to becoming a proper adult despite what caused them to get to this position. This sets them up to know how to support themselves on there own when needed and start preparing for the future. Now in my opinion the most important part of being an adult is the responsibilities. An adult needs to be able to handle whatever life throws at you and