Chapter 4 Summary For Shipwrecks Cliff Notes Essay

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Chapter 4 Summary
At the beginning of Chapter 4, Spring is arriving in the village, which means the salt production came to an end. The village prepares for the fish and squid season that comes along with the Spring. Since there was no
that winter, several people from the village left to be sold into servitude. Iskau worried that Tami would be sold into servitude, because her elder sister was one of those that left the village. If her elder sister was sold, and there was no
for a few years, Tami would have no choice but to be sold like her sisters'. If that happened, Isaku would have to marry someone else, even if he wanted to wait for Tami's return.
In April, Takichi, Iskau's older cousin, was getting married to Kura, a tall, sturdy­built girl. In Isaku's mind, Takichi was taken advantage of by Kura, because he is much smaller than Kura. Takichi spends the night in Isaku's home with his mother and siblings. Isaku looks up to his cousin, and wants to be able to obtain as much fishing experience as him. So, Iskau asks Takichi to help him master a technique of catching fish, and tells him if he does not learn soon, his family will starve. Takichi agrees, and says he will show Isaku how.
When the saury season came, Isaku goes to visit Takichi about teaching him the technique, Takichi tells him that he will not be able to show him if Isaku was near his boat. However, Takichi shows Isaku of how to move his hands when trying…