Chapter 4 Thesis Worksheet 1 Essay examples

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Chapter 4 Thesis/Claim Assignment
1. The Spanish-American War was the most significant event of the 19th Century in terms of asserting the young United States as a legitimate global and imperialistic power.

Key terms to support claim/thesis statement:
-Yellow Journalism
-Platt Amendment
-El Carnicero (“The Butcher”)
-Reconcentration Camps
-The great white fleet

Key events that support claim/thesis statement:
-Sinking of the Maine (USS Maine explodes)
-Platt Amendment
-U.S. declares war on Spain
-Dewey destroys Spanish fleet in Philippines
-Treaty of Paris
-War on Philippines on May 1, 1898

Key figures that support claim/thesis statement:
-Jose Marti
-William Randolph Hearst
-Joseph Pulitzer
-William McKinley
-Theodore Roosevelt
-Emilio Aguinaldo

Possible antithesis/counter-claim:
I don’t think that Spanish American war is the most significant movement of the 19th century because it didn’t contribute much to America but the war of 1812 emerged America as a world power. The second great awakening was also one of the significant movement of 19th century which means religious revivals among protestant.

Internet resources (use MLA format):
"Significant Movements in 19th Century America." Reform Movements in 19th Century America. N.P., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

Introductory paragraph:

The horrible atrocities committed by Spain to the Cubans, fueled the support for the Cubans. By the late 1890s, the United States was well on its way of becoming one of the top world power in the world, but it was not yet the imperialistic power and the opportunity came to the United States when war erupted between Spain and United States.

2. Although many important actions were undertaken by Theodore Roosevelt, the most important was the construction of the Panama Canal because it served as a potent example of the United States’ newfound role in the world.

Key terms to support claim/thesis statement:
-Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
-Big Stick Policy
-Roosevelt Corollary
-Dollar Diplomacy
-Great White Fleet
-Yellow Fever

Key events that support claim/thesis statement:
-Building of Roosevelt Corollary
-Taft's Dollar Diplomacy
-America's influence in Panama
-Teddy's Big Stick Policy

Key figures that support claim/thesis statement:
-Theodore Roosevelt
-William Howard Taft
-John Hay
-Lord Pauncefote

Possible antithesis/counter-claim:
The United State in the 1950s experienced marked economic growth with an increase in manufacturing and home construction amongst a post-World War-2 economic boom. The cold war and its associated conflicts helped create a politically conservative climate in the country. And United States became one of the industrialized Nation of the World during 19th Century. One of the key point of newfound role of America in the world was the development of transport and communication.

Internet resources (use MLA format):
"American Experience: TV's Most-watched History Series." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2014.
"Building of Panama." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

Introductory paragraph:
One of Roosevelt's most dramatic action in the Caribbean was the construction of Panama Canal. Roosevelt and others viewed the construction of canal through Central America as vital to American power in the world. A Canal would save time and money for both commercial and military shipping. The task of digging the canal was given to the French company through Panama in 1881. U.S. helped Panama to build canal without the interference of Columbia and as a result a treaty was signed between Panama and United States.

3. Although Theodore Roosevelt had many accomplishments throughout his life, the most significant action was his Conservation achievements, because he was able to federally protect over 230 million acres of land.

Key terms to support claim/thesis statement:
-Newlands Act
-Oklahoma Territory
-Gifford Pinchot (Chief Forest Officer)

Key events that support claim/thesis statement:
-Chief Forester works to