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Matt Shanteau
Chapter 6 Assignment

I do not think the military should award the Purple Heart for PTSD. The Purple Heart is for soldiers who shed blood by an instrument of war at the hands of the enemy. Soldiers who have PTSD and did not shed blood because of the enemy do not deserve a Purple Heart. The VFW has said that awarding the Purple Heart to soldiers with PTSD would denigrate the medal. One veteran with PTSD was quoted saying, "I just think personally if I said I deserve a Purple Heart and there's a veteran there with one arm or a leg missing, I don't know how he would look at it, I sure don't want to offend one of those guys” (Barber). I also have a family member who is a veteran and suffers from PTSD from military service and he said he does not believe he deserves a Purple Heart.
The second article does not change my mind or impact my opinion at all. Even if doctors could not prove someone had PTSD, I do not think many would fake it to receive a medal. The military is some of the most prestigious people in the country and they value honor and dignity more than anything. A few, if any may lie to receive a medal, but that is not the problem. The problem is that PTSD is not an injury where blood is shed. PTSD is a terrible mental disease and can cause a life of trouble for the individual. They may never be able to return to normal society and face things that no human should ever have to face. However, they do not deserve a Purple Heart by…