Chapter 6 Mental Health Essay

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Chapter 6 Assignment
By: Jamie Dolezal and Brooke Couser
1.) “My name is Jamie and I’m going to be your nurse today. So tell me how you are doing today?” ­Broad Opening that allows the client to take the initiative in introducing the topic. This is therapeutic communication. I personally wouldn’t change this because it allows the patient to take control.
2.) “Well Brooke, have you had any trouble going to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night?” Exploring finding out information. I would consider this non­therapeutic. We could ask another broad question such as, “where would you like to begin?” in order to figure out this patient’s concerns.
3.) “Has this been going on for a few days or weeks?”
Exploring­ this is finding out more information. This is therapuetic. I would probably change that to, “Tell me more about that.” It would help the patient express their feelings more.
4.) “Well I’m sorry that happened to you. Have you had any trouble sleeping in the past before you lost your job?”
Encouraging comparison to understand if they have been through this before to remember past coping strategies. This was therapeutic. We could have approached this by using the exploring technique and tried to find out more about the sleeping issue.
5.) “Do you live with anyone?”
Exploring and it is a closed question. This is important to find out information. I would consider this non­therapeutic. We could change this question to a therapeutic and make…