Chapter 7 Addresses Organizational Structures (How Organizations Group Jobs And Work Functions Into Groups.

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Week 5 – Assignment
1. Chapter 7 addresses organizational structures (how organizations group jobs and work functions into groups). For example, a hospital may have hundreds or thousands of employees while a private physician’s office may have just a few employees. For the organizations below, describe which organizational structure they would likely use and why:

• A small physician’s office
Smaller hospitals tend to have much simpler organizational structures. small business can use one of three primary organization structure options: functional, divisional or matrix. Essentially, the organizational structure creates a business hierarchy to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations. Different small
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The health care organizations also need to have a strong grievance redresal mechanism both for the staff and users of the facilities.
This should be built inbuilt in the HR policy.Human Resource Management is the process of bringing people and organizations together sohe medical staff is a formally organized unit within the larger hospital organization. The president or chief of staff is the liaison between the hospital administration and members of the medical staff. Typically, the medical staff consists primarily of medical physicians, but it also may include other doctoral-level professionals, such as dentists and psychologist that the goals of each are met.
The nursing division usually comprises the single largest component of the hospital’s organization. It is subdivided by the type of patient care delivered in the various medical specialties. These nursing units are composed of a number of patient beds grouped within a certain area to allow centralization of the special facilities, supplies, equipment, and personnel pertinent to the needs of patients with