Chapter 7 Sociology Essay

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Chapter 7 “Some of the world’s nations are wealthy, others poor, and some in between” (Henslin 2015, page 188) I feel like in our society we feel so “whole” and live life on the run that we sometimes don’t stop and think about how different each and every one of us are. My family has always been a working family. I remember my mom telling me stories about how they’ve come from nothing to where they are now. I was raised that things aren’t given to you when you ask for them, you must work for them. I remember living in small trailers to now them living on acreage and a nice house they both worked so hard for. My parents have taught me that family is always number one no matter what we always stick together. They have been married 35 years now and have taught me so much about life and marriage. I wanted to find someone that worked hard and took care of me like my dad has for my mom and I have found that man. Marriage is a very hard thing to keep up but with their traits they have taught me, I have learned that no matter what the problem, there can always be a solution to work through. Education is important to me because as I mentioned before, my parents work from the bottom to the top because they are both high school drop outs but both got their GED. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to get a good job without having a college degree, even if you have years of experience. I watched my mom struggle to get jobs that I knew she would be great at but because she didn’t have that diploma in hand, employers wouldn’t/couldn’t hire her. They were like typical parents of a teen that wanted to be sure their child did their best in high school to graduate and to go onto college. I did graduate from high school and did little college right after that but down the road thought I was the cool one and could make it without a degree. I am now a Certified Medical Assistant working on my RN as a wife and mother. It is very important to me that I pass onto my children that no matter what, it will be easier to just keep going for their dreams and finish college. My physical and mental health have always been good thanks for my parents for always being open with me and teaching me that it’s good that I care for myself and my family. My grandparents did have health issues while I was growing up that I remember then going through and don’t wish for anyone. That has taught me as well that it’s good to always go in for any issues you might have that are persistent and/or getting an annual checkup. I am now passing that down to my children with taking them to their annual checkups and making sure they are up to