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Chapter 7 Study Guide
The Mass Media Today 1) Approximately what percent of presidential campaign spending is now devoted to television ads? a) 10% b) 60% c) 50% d) 95% e) 70% 2) In recent years presidents have devoted much attention to maintaining what? a) Public influence b) Lobbyists attention c) A healthy budget d) Public support e) A well- honed public image 3) According to Ronald Reagan, the presidency was often a what? a) Performance b) Opportunity c) Joke d) Job e) Dream come true 4) A _______________ is staged primarily for the purpose of being covered. 5) What are high-tech politics?

6) Give some examples of mass media.

7) According to Mark Hertsgaard, news management in the Reagan White House operated on the following seven principles:

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

The Development of Media Politics 1) What is a press conference?

2) How many press conferences did Roosevelt promise to have each week?

a) 3 b) 10 c) 1 d) 5 e) 2 3) Describe the effects that the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal had on media.

4) What is investigative journalism?

5) Compare and contrast broadcast media and print media.

6) What is Hearst famous for introducing? a) Print media b) Newspaper c) Yellow journalism d) Radios e) Broadcast media 7) Which of the following is the most influential newspaper today? a) NY Times b) Washington Posts c) LA Times d) Chicago Tribune e) SF Chronicle

8) T/F: Newspaper circulation has declined. 9) What does the FCC regulate? a) Commercial budgets b) Presidential debates c) Press conferences d) Use of airwaves e) Show times

10) What is narrowcasting?

11) Define the term chains.

Reporting the News 1) Millions of new and different events happen every day: journalists must decide which of them are __________ . 2) What is a medium as it relates to media?

3) Define the term beats.

4) What are trial balloons and how are they used?

5) Describe the relationship between reporters and