Chapter 8 Essays

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Activity Handout 7.1
Solve This Problem

Choose from the list of problem scenarios below. Using the steps involved in problem solving that were discussed in this chapter, describe how you would go about solving this problem.
1. Mrs. Smith’s daycare provider is closing in four weeks. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith work full-time during the day and need daycare for their child. They have only a short period of time, however, to find a new, safe, reliable daycare provider. : I would start looking or asking people where they take their children and maybe take a look at thier daycare and see how it works out for me. Also if I didn't find a daycare within the short time of period I would quit my job for that short time that daycare is close and
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Read through the scenarios below and identify what type of intelligence—analytical, creative, practical, verbal, mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or naturalist—you think the individual has.
1. John spent years trying to come up with a solution to how to water a Christmas tree without having to do it himself every day.
Type of Intelligence: Naturalistic
2. Susan has always been interested in building things. At a young age, she built model airplanes with great enthusiasm. She went to college and graduate school and earned a degree in architecture. She is now the CEO of her own architectural firm.
Type of Intelligence: Spatial
3. Jim started taking ballroom dancing classes as a child. He became the Younger U.S. Champion at age 12, has continued dancing, and is now competing for the World Champion title.
BopType of Intelligence: Bodily/Kinesthetic
4. Lee Ann Rimes earned her first Academy of Country Music Award at the young age of 12. She has sold millions of albums and continues to hit the charts with top-selling records.
Type of Intelligence: Musical
5. Cecil wrote his first novel at the age of 16 and, just recently, his third novel made the New York