Chapter 8 Monologue

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Stanley is banging his drum around the room when Meg suddenly remembers that she had some shopping left to do
Meg: Oh no this won’t do at all will it? I forgot the kippers for tea it’s a catastrophe wait just a little bit Stanley and I’ll nip out and get them.
Stanley: OK Meg that’s not such a big disaster. You go and get them it’ll be fine don’t you worry!
Meg: that’s lovely I’ll be back in a bit. (Exit Meg)
Stanley continues banging his drum, his face screwed up in concentration. A few seconds later we can hear somebody coming down the stairs its Goldberg and McCann they knock on the door and enter.
Stanley: yes what can I do you for?
Goldberg: (threateningly) Stop banging that darned drum of yours we’ve had enough of it. We did not pay to hear a marching band at odd hours of the day.
McCann: Wait Goldberg that’s you know... (Trails off)
Goldberg: who is it? (Suspiciously)
McCann: The little ‘un. Ya know them lot who raided our shop last winter. He’s the chap that put quite a dent on our door.
Goldberg: it can’t be them lots got arrested already.
McCann: But it is remember they said that one of them was let off on account of his being quite innocent.
Goldberg: innocent my foot that door cost us a little fortune it did
McCann: well at last we gits our revenge.
Stanley: Excuse me gentleman what’s going on I seem to have lost track of the conversation.
Goldberg: don’t you dare say a word if what McCann says is true you’ll have hell to pay.
At that moment Meg