Chapter 9 RE Quesion Essay

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Chapter 9. Review Questions MEILING WONG

1) Human resources management (HRM) consists of all the activities involved in acquiring, maintaining, and developing an organization’s human resources.
Acquiring: getting people to work for the organization.
Maintaining: encouraging employees to remain with the firm and to work effectively by using a variety of HRM programs.
Development: improving employees’ skills and expanding their capabilities.

2) In general, HRM is a shared responsibility of line managers and staff HRM specialists. IT is basis on the size of the organization. For example, in small organizations, the owner handles all or most HRM activities. In large firms, HRM activities tend to be b=very highly specialized.

3) Human resources planning is the development of strategies to meet a firm’s future human resources needs. Planners should base forecasts of the demand for human resources on as much relevant information as available. The firm’s overall strategic plan will provide information about future.

4) Once they have forecasted the supply and demand for personnel, planners can devise a course of action for matching the two. When demand is predicted to be greater than supply, they must make plans to recruit new employees.

Challenge: the differences among people in a workforce owing to race, ethnicity, and gender.
Benefit: Cultural diversity is forcing managers to learn to supervise and motivate people with a broader range of value systems. The organization may gain a marketing edge because it understands different cultural groups. Improve the level of creativity. People