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Jasmina Courtenay
Prof. Karnavas
U.S. History 1301
Farmer Favors the Constitution In the book of Bailey’s nine readings in Section D document three, an article called “A Farmer Favors the Constitution,” Jonathan Smith is one of the many few farmer ’s that support the Constitution. In this article Smith makes note of the importance of Shay’s rebellion and apologizing on behalf of the citizen’s actions for uprising and instead should’ve been grateful for the chance of a government. Smith realizes that those trying to commit to the constitution don’t want to abuse the power but instead enforce it for the better of the people. They want everyone to be on the same page and build an even greater nation that protects everyone’s rights. Smith wants everyone to have the opportunity to have rights and would only achieve that with the constitution. Eventually he wants everyone to see the bigger picture of the constitution and not be close minded of the “have nots.”
The Founding Fathers Debate the Establishment of Congress(1787) The section read in document five in the book of Hollitz chapter five, is a selection of different opinions of delegates at the Constitutional Convention debating the election style of the body of the government. Some delegates are opposed of direct vote from the public because they are easily misled and have no intellect for such important matters. Another issue with direct vote from the people is that their opinion may be swayed based on false