Great Gatsby Notes

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Great Gatsby Notes:
Chapter 1
The reporter doesn’t criticize anyone because his father told him he’s had a different life style than most. Because he and his father had a good relationship the reporter decided to not judge others. Because the reporter did not judge his mind worked differently than others and he could read people very well. Many people thought he was a politician major in college because of his lack of judgment and political correctness. When the reporter knew he was on the brink of an idea he couldn’t sleep, got angry, even attempted preoccupation, while most men’s revelations had been done before or were tainted by their past. He feels not being judgmental brings hope and that some people are just more decent than others. Although he tries, it can only work for so long. When he returned east he just wanted everyone to be moral all the time, no some of the time. However he and Gatsby had the same opinion so Gatsby never irked him because he was a very sensitive man himself with hope. Gatsby did not just make this impression at a glance he was truly hopeful and had a romantic idea of readiness unique to only himself. Gatsby was fine, but something dark him to have a bipolar attitude and made the reporter turn away for a while. Three generations of Carraways have lived in the middle west and they clam to descend the Dukes of Buccleuch. His grandfather had someone replace him in the Civil War to start a hardware stop in 1851. He supposedly looks like his great uncle whose portrait is in his father’s office. He graduated from New Haven in 1915, 25 years after his dad. He fought in WWI, and when returning home from the war he was restless and the middle west wasn’t good enough. He moved east and learned bonding like most of his friends. In 1922 his family hesitant, his father supported him to move out east permanently (supposedly). He should have gotten a house to himself, but when a man at the office offered to share a rundown bungalow he couldn’t say no. However the man was ordered to Washington last minute. He had a dog, until he ran away, a Dodge, and a maid who spoke Finnish to herself. He was lonely until a man asked him for directions to West egg Village and he became a guide and felt life was starting again with sunshine and plants. He enjoyed reading a fresh air. He got a dozen finance books and planned to read them and more. He was rather literary and at Yale wrote an article. He wanted to be well-rounded. The reporter lives in Long Island Sound outside of New York on the west island of two massive egg-shaped island that have the same shape but different features. Although this island was the less fashionable of the two his house sat between to huge house. On the right was a mock of Hotel de Ville in Normandy with ivy and a marble swimming pool. This was owned by Gatsby. His house was small and unattractive but he got an ocean view and could see a millionaire house for a $80 bucks a month.