Chapter Summary: Nationalist Strengthen The Government

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Chapter 5- Section 2
Nationalist Strengthen the Government-
Shays’s Rebellion or farmers protest
Calling for Convention-
Trade between the states lead to quarrels over taxes
Sept. 1786 James Madison and Alexander Hamilton come together to discuss the issues
Only five states went
Twelve states went next year
Covention Highlights
May. 1787 everyone but rhode island comes
Most delegates were lawyers, merchants, or planters, all rich, well educated men
Ben franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington
Wash. Was elected prosiding officer by a unanimous vote
Conflict Leads to Compromise-
Big States Versus Small States
It was tough to be equal with size varations with states
Madison Virginia Plan says each state has a two house leg. With members based on each states population
William Patterson’s New Jersey Plan proposed a single house congress witheach state having an equal vote
Roger Shermans the Great Compromise-
A two house congress
Each state has two members in the senate or upper house
The size of the state effect the number of representatives in the HOR or lower house
Voters chose HOR’s
State legs chose senates
Slavery-Related Issues
Are slaves counted as people?
3/5th’s Compromise, which called for 3/5 of states slaves to be counted as pop.
Creating a New Goverenment-
Divison of powers
The new gov. separated the state gov.s and federal gov.s called Federalism
Seperation of Powers
Legislative branch- to make laws
Executive branch- to carry out the laws
Judicial branch- to interpret the law.
Checks and Balances where created to make sure the branches didn’t over rule each other
Electoral Collage-a group selected bythe states to elect a president and a v.p, in which each state’s number of electors is equal to the number of its senetors and representators in the congress

Chapter 5- Section 3
Federalist and