A Short Summary On Drugs

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Chapter summary #3

Throughout the book it explains how the word drug is used in a number of different contexts, and the meaning often changes with the speaker. To some drugs are substances that cause addiction; to others, they are healing chemicals when prescribed by a medical specialist; to others they are recreational substances to be used and substantial prestige: and still to others, they are nothing more than perfectly legal foods, such as coffee, cola drinks, and cigarettes. To sum it up drugs are viewed as both good and bad, depending on the user, which drugs, and condition under who’s taking them. The two opposing connotations of drugs are (1) a substance used in medicine, under controlled circumstances, to help people with a medical problem; or (2) a substances used illegally, under clandestine circumstances, with the effect of harm either to the user and or others. History shows that our major concerns with drugs have only been over a few substances which are against the law. These substances, Marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines have all been placed in a specific category as problem drugs and we naturally believe that the law is the best way to solve these problems. With a estimated 55 million people in the United States who regularly smoke tobacco, or are addicted to other drugs the world seems to have a serious issue on their hands. With the influence of drugs on the everyday life of perhaps most Americans is often unrecognized but they are connected to several feature o American life that initially promote their use. The use of drugs are often associated with certain social events such as Birthdays, New year’s eve celebrations, Parties, Graduations, Meetings with Friends and of course Saturday nights; but some don’t need any occasion at all in which they do it because of their desired mood or psychological well being. The most fought against use of illegal drugs in America is the use of marijuana. The manufacture, sale and use of marijuana is a crime in the united states. It has shown that marijuana is mainly seen used by people in their twenties and younger and found in all social classes but maybe higher used in the lower class than other socioeconomic groups. A recent survey has reported a decrease in the prevalence and daily use of marijuana which o find to be more than intriguing. There are numerous drugs that are seen as poor man drugs such as “crack” a form of cocaine that is seen in urban areas. It is known that you will get a harsher