Chapter Summary: The Wolf That Cried Help

Words: 800
Pages: 4

The Wolf That Cried Help

The Forest was calm and at ease. The Birds were singing, the Crickets were chirping, and Wolf was planning a new cunning joke to pull on Fox. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. It almost seems as if Wolf had something new to prank Fox with every day! Wolf and Fox’s relationship is quite unusual. They are what others around them would say “close” but they also seem to deceive each other a lot. Wolf is very naive and oblivious to most things, causing his pranks to get out of hand, but Fox is calm and always accepts Wolf’s apology at the end of the day. Fox on the other hand is mysterious and is what the forest people would call “cool” and is one of the most efficient workers in the forest. Fox recently went scavenging,
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This isn’t funn-” Wolf slipped his foot out of the trap.
“Got you Fox! Oh my goodness, you should’ve seen the look on your face!” Fox, too angry to say anything, runs off to the stream to calm down. The next day, Wolf showed up to Fox’s den to apologize, but he finds Fox scurrying out. He apologizes to him as sincere as possible. Fox seems shocked and forgives him telling him he can go inside and wait for him to come back. When Wolf goes in, it takes him awhile to notice the new object on the table. Wolf, as carefully as possible takes the object and inspects it. Upon Fox’s return, he apologizes once again and they’re best friends again. When Wolf leaves, he goes to his home and inspects the new
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He get’s distracted and the stone falls and breaks in half. Wolf doesn’t think much about it and throws it in the trash. The next day Fox comes over to Wolf’s home. “Sorry for overreacting the other day, I was just very frustrated that day.” Fox sighed. “It’s okay! I did do some rude things to you.” Wolf replied. They hung out for a long time and Wolf needed to run an errands, so Fox took this time to snoop around his house. He looked into Wolf’s garbage can, and this was the last straw. Fox constantly forgave Wolf for doing stupid things, why does he always put up with him?! He decided to pull a trick on Wolf to make sure he never pranks anyone else. When Wolf returns to his home, his friend is nowhere to be seen. “Ah, he must be at the stream. After all, it is his favorite place.” Wolf chuckles to himself in his empty house. When Wolf arrives at the stream, Fox is indeed there sitting by the ledge. “Fox! Why did you leave so early?” Wolf asks. Fox seemed to clutch a strange