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Chapter Three Summary
Khalid Kabeer HLST 1010
October 5th
Professor Denis Rafael

The concepts discussed in Chapter three were about critical political economical perspectives on health-care. The chapter discusses what political economist are and the type of questions they ask. Questions such as; why do some people, nations, or groups have better health-care than others and why is it that some groups in society have different health-care then others etc. The unique view points of a political economist is that it focuses on the links between health and the economy, political, social life of people and different groups. The chapter discusses questions such as why does the United States, which is one of the worlds richest nations have the poorest health-care records of any developed nation, and why does Canada have a national health insurance system and the United States have a private health system. The chapter goes in depth about the concept of capitalism and that capitalism produces inequality. While democracy produces power equally, capitalism only preaches democracy but practices power. The chapter gives examples that indicate that the prevailing form of political, economic and social policy that of the Neo-liberalism has profanity negative effects on society generally, and on health and health-care especially. The arguments and data presented in the chapter indicate that there are alternative ways other then Neo-liberalism and their views of the world. The chapter state how the United States is a striking instance showing that economical wealth is not a significant cause of better national health. Before reading this chapter I had no prior knowledge of what capitalism was, nor how it affected health-care and health in such a significant way. Before