No Is The Right Answer

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After reading all of them, I found the essay “”No” Is the Right Answer” to be the most compelling. The author used ethos in the essay due to the fact that she has experienced this type of education and is therefore qualified to talk about it. The essay is also easy to understand because she uses simple writing to get her point across. As a high school student, Eleanor Martin’s perspective on standardized testing should be more accepted by peers and adults can, through a student’s perspective, understand the issue. It is not fair for students to not be able to graduate just because they failed a standardized test, and rather than enjoy the curriculums they want to take, they have to study for the test all the time. Since I was a kid, the people around me always told me that foreign countries’ education systems treat students humanely and are more about developing personalized skills. Before I read this essay, I didn’t know that U.S. students also have such problems. As a Chinese student I have the experience to talk about standardized tests because Chinese students have worse problem: The Exam-oriented education. Probably many people had heard about the Chinese high school test A.K.A “Chinese GaoKao”. Each year, more than ten million Chinese students’ futures are decided by a single standardized test. Some of them will get a brighter future due to a higher score: some of them will fall into the abyss because they fail the test. They might have some talents or skills, but since they failed the test they have to prepare for the rocky path ahead. The Chinese GaoKao is not the only the authoritative test, we also have a regional unified exam for junior high school and even primary school. This essay reminds me of a bad memory when I was back in China studying in Junior high school. The main subjects