Chapters 22 24 The Scarlett Letter Essay

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Henry Huerta
Mrs. Silva
English 11, Period 4
24 November 2014
Chapter 22 Now as the story reaches an end, the author begins to bring back a scene that occurred near the intro of the book. The scene that took place is a scene that has everyone meeting in the town center. The head of procession begins to enter the town and marches through. As the chapter continues people start noticing that Dimmesdale is starting to look healthier and regain his energy. Hester also begins to question their plans on moving over to Europe because of Dimmesdale begins to become more distant from Hester because he is starting to be noticed and more unfriendly now that he is better. (Word Count: 106)
Chapter 23 In chapter 23 Dimmesdale delivers an Election Day sermon to the people and the people are completely shaken by his sermon because of the power it delivered. He delivered it with much knowledge and he told everyone how the people of New England will be chosen by God. Soon after the minister, Dimmesdale has a feast and at first hesitates to call over Hester and Pearl but he soon does. As he calls them over he starts confessing to the crowd of people that he too has a red sigma like Hester. After the minister confesses his sin Hester’s daughter Pearl finally gives the minister a kiss she has wanted to give him for some while. (Word Count:116)

Chapter 24 Now as the story comes to an end the author tells us that Dimmesdale has been executed for the sins he committed. The people said that