Essay Chapters 6

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Chapters 6/7
How was the Bedouin culture significant in shaping the development of Islam?
What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
What is the difference in Sunnis and Shi’as?
What was the innovation of the Abbasid court with respect to women?
What group successfully captured Baghdad in 1055/
What was the religious affiliation of the Seljuk Turks?
Who was the Muslim leader who was responsible for the reconquest of most of the territories belonging to the Christian Crusaders?
What was the impact of the Crusades on the Christian West?
What was the impact of the Crusades on Islam?
How do Islam and Hinduism differ?
What groups in India were most likely to convert to Islam?
Chapter 8
Between 800 – 1500 as the frequency and intensity of contact with the outside world increased, what was the most significant impact on sub-Saharan Africa?
What is an African stateless society?
What monarch is credited with beginning Malinke expansion and creating the Mali Empire?
How was the institution of slavery viewed in Muslim society?
Chapters 9/10
How is the Byzantine Empire seen as a direct descendant of the Roman Empire?
The capitol of the Byzantine Empire was?
What was the great architectural building commissioned by Justinian?
What was the Iconoclastic Controversy?
What two missionaries were responsible for the creation of a written script for the Slavic language?
What groups of peoples were responsible for the conquest of Kievan Russia in 1236?
Who were the invaders who disrupted the development of political institutions in the medieval West until the 10th century?
What is Feudalism?
What is Manorialism?
What was the dominant medieval philosophical approach used in most universities in Western Europe?
Chapter 11
Explain the following as they apply to the Aztec rise to power: Dominance of the nobility Urbanized society Ruler with supreme powers Human Sacrifice Expansion of power and the boundaries of Aztec control
Explain Chinampas
Explain Incan Socialism
Was extensive use of colonization used by both the Inca and the Aztecs?
Did the Inca and the Aztec each have an extensive merchant class?
Did the Old World (Europe) know anything about the New World in the post-classical period?
Chapters 12/13
In what way did foot binding serve to diminish the independence of Chinese women by the end of the Song era?
Know the Chinese dynasties in the 600 – 1450 time period
What title was given to the military leader of the bakufu at Kamakura?
What kingdom was successful in establishing a unified and independent government in Korea?
Mounted troops owing loyalty to the military elite were called?
Warrior leaders in the 10th century in Japan who controlled provincial areas and ruled from