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Drake Dozier
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Character Analysis The main character of my play is named John. He is a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War. The author says he is often impatient and irritated, although he believes he is confident and a great soldier. The other characters do not believe in John as much as he believes in himself though. John’s main goal I life is to succeed as a soldier as his fathers have before him. John wants to lead an advance on the Confederate army to ensure a victory for the Union. John tries to lead the others the right way although they do not trust him all the time. John is like me in the sense that he is confident and ambitious. He does not possess great communication skills though, causing him to seem more arrogant and conceited. John is dealing with a great deal of fatigue and pain during the story as he was injured at the very beginning of the war. John does not speak well and often stutters. He also has many bad memories from growing up in harsh conditions. My main character’s full name is John Thomas Wilson. He is 26 years old and in great shape. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 245 pounds. Many of the other soldiers say he is built like a modern day Hercules. John has a big, strong body with very broad shoulders. He also has many scars on his body from battles and street fights. John views himself as a charismatic leader, although his speaking problems lead him to seem as an extravert.